Our Team

HARRY BLUSTEIN III - Chief Executive Officer & Founder     

Founded Wellness by Science™  as a passion to empower the human race with their very own DNA. Harry has designed several lab developed molecular tests. He is an entrepreneur, writer, inventor for the last 33 years.    Harry designed DNA tests around wellness to include nutritional and activity plans based on Genomics.  The company is a scientific innovator. The only company known of at its time of launch, to bring to market such life tracks with proven plans as “Quality of Life”, “Athleticism”, and “Anti-Aging”.   Experienced in operations, logistics, marketing, issue resolution, the internet, and business operations. He has also simultaneously managed ongoing operations at multiple international locations.

Dr. MIKE JONES - Chief Scientist Head of Research and Development   

Mike holds doctoral degrees from Vanderbilt University Medical School, USA and has more than 25 years of experience in biomedical research, both academic and corporate.    His broad reaching expertise includes cellular physiology and response to external signals such as growth factors, cytokines, and vitamins. He also has extensive experience using animal model systems and has designed several clinical studies involving human subjects. Mike has led internationally recognized research programs and R&D teams in London and Singapore, publishing more than 100 primary research papers and book chapters.

GRACE PALACIOS - Vice President of Sales and Marketing    

An award winning professional. She is a medical device specialist and experienced in neuromodulation implantable devices.  She frequently assists with surgeries in operating rooms and provides pre-/post-op patient relations to ensure functionality of device. Grace enjoys following through to see all of her engagements are a success. Well versed in calling on government agencies such as Medicare, Medicaid and managed care organizations. Grace executed on territory plan to capture business within key areas of the United States of America.  She sold 3 well-branded pharma products simultaneously focused on hypertension, urology, and neurology.  Penetrated primary care, internal medicine, and all types of medical specialties. She studied critical data/information regarding marketplace, disease state, and clinical trials to achieve goals.    


Melissa Berrocal MS RD CDE is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator with the American Association of Diabetes Educators.  Melissa specializes in Diabetes management for over 20 years.  She has extensive amount of experience with nutrition education of all ages, from prenatal care to geriatrics. Melissa's experience includes creating corporate and pharmaceutical health initiatives for several national companies.  Her private practice emphasizes the impact of communication and education to empower the patient to take control of his or her health through nutrition.  She believes in fitness and proper eating habits for overall health and disease prevention.  She has a passion for public speaking and community involvement.  She has also authored an early childhood book to focus on the importance of forming children's perceptions of food and food selections.