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This page covers frequently asked questions on our Genomic-Based Plan and the enrollment process. For questions on the science behind Wellness by Science™, see our Science section.


What is the Wellness by Science™ genomic based plan?

The Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan is the world's first approach of its kind to utilize your DNA in order to create a personalized plan to reverse Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes without the use of medications or surgery.


How does the Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan work?

  • Wellness by Science™ addresses the underlying causes of type 2 diabetes using a highly individualized approach to nutritional intake and activities, accounting for each person’s current physical condition, DNA, and lifestyle.
  • Most people living with diabetes see their physician every few months. Wellness by Science™ has brought science and technology to the diabetes care model by providing clients with continuous, technology-enabled remote care from the Wellness by Science™ team.
  • Our team including consultants and partners have demonstrated the safe reversal of type 2 diabetes in thousands of cases without the use of prescription medicines and or surgeries.
  • Most clients see meaningful results in a matter of weeks, and they are able to sustain this success with the support of Wellness by Science™.

What does the Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan include?

  • Physician Review: A molecular professional reviews your DNA results. Based on the same, a personalized genomic-based plan is created for you.
  • Personal Team: A nutritionist and activity planner will get you started. The team will remain proactive in seeing that you reach your goals.
  • Technology: Measuring blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, weight, and sleep to name a few markers helps us personalize the Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan.
  • Our website: Our easy-to-use mobile website will provide you with everything you need. The information is intuitive and easy to read.
  • Wellness by Science™ Social Community: Connect with other Wellness by Science™ clients to find support and share tips with the most popular median used today.

Who could benefit from the Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan?  

The Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan is designed to improve your quality of life by reducing or eliminating any insulin requirements, prescribed medications, and any none natural and can reverse illnesses such as Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes.


How does the Wellness by Science™ plan work?

  • Everything you need to learn, practice, or measure will be presented to you through a custom online experience, which can be accessed through a desktop or mobile device.
  • Routines become habits: personalized goals will help turn new routines into good long-lasting habits.
  • Tracking: as a Wellness by Science™ client, you will or we will log your data regularly, which will guide your Wellness by Science™ team in their continuous remote care plan and ensure your success.
  • Text: private communication with your team gives you the space to ask, discuss, and troubleshoot the personal questions you need answered in order to be successful.
  • Resources: access to practical resources likes food lists, recipes and how-to guides may be available.

    Are there really no medications included in the Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan? 

    Yes! Wellness by Science™ is genuinely concentrated on getting you healthy and off your diabetes medications as soon as possible.


    If my medication requires changes, who prescribes the new or makes adjustments for me?

    Your physician will communicate any dose changes to you directly.

      How will I interact with my Wellness by Science™?

      You may have a telemedicine appointment with a Wellness by Science™ representative as part of the enrollment process.  Subsequently, a team member will monitor your progress on Wellness by Science™ through technology.  We will schedule additional follow-ups monthly and as needed.

        What do my Wellness by Science™ providers do?

        Your Wellness by Science™ support members help you succeed on a daily basis, and provide some of the following:
        • Nutritional Guidance: if you aren’t sure about a particular food, are looking for a substitute brand or recipe, or are interested in knowing more about the science, your Wellness by Science™ representative can answer your questions.
        • Activities: knowing what you should do is only a portion of the solution. Perhaps you know what you should do, but struggle to do so consistently. Your Wellness by Science™ representative will help you figure out the best way to create and solidify positive habits. Thus allowing you to consistently make accurate decisions.
        • Support & Encouragement: your Wellness by Science™ representative is here to support your progress, celebrate your successes, and encourage you when obstacles arise.
        • Feedback & Accountability: your Wellness by Science™ representative reviews your data, and provides feedback and troubleshooting. Being aware that someone else is reviewing your data and checking in with you on a regular basis helps keep you accountable and motivated.
        • Personalized, Goal-Based Phases: everyone has different needs, so your Wellness by Science™ provider adjusts your path on Wellness by Science™ by selecting Genomic-Based Plan phases that reflect your health goals (I.E. reduce A1C from 8% to <5.5% within twelve weeks.)

          What is included in the Starter Kit?

          • A saliva collection kit.
          • A weight scale that will synchronize your data regularly.
          • An activity tracker that will synchronize your data regularly.
          • Elastic Bands in order that activities can be performed just about anywhere.

            What Science does Wellness by Science™ utilize?

            • The Wellness by Science™ Personal Genetic Service has been designed to provide customers with accurate, high-quality data in a format that is easy to understand. Each step in our workflow is carefully monitored and validated through quality control measures to ensure every customer’s data accurately reflects his or her genetic makeup. All samples are processed in labs that meet local regulations.
              • Our methods:
                • Wellness by Science™ uses genotyping technology to view genetic variants in the genome that are informative about an individual’s health.
                • Unlike sequencing that analyzes all nucleotides in a gene to identify changes, genotyping detects specific known variants within the genome. Wellness by Science™ uses a custom Illumina GSA & GSA V2 chip that analyzes about 800,000 variants.
              • What variants will I be testing?
                • Wellness by Science™ will look at about 38 variants to create your initial Genomic-Based Plan.
                • Variant coverage represents the proportion of disease-causing alleles in people with a given condition that would be detected by the test. For certain conditions in which a single variant accounts for all known cases of the disease, our coverage is greater than 99%.  In other cases, there are many variants that can cause the disease, and some but not all of these on the assay.

              What does the patient community do?

              • This private, moderated online forum is a space where clients share experiences, recipes, and tips, and form relationships with others. The community is moderated to ensure safety and accuracy of shared information.  You can leave the community at any time.   Participation is completely your choice.

                Are activities required?

                • Yes, activities are required for success on Wellness by Science™. Through studies we have learned that it is necessary to activate muscles for the natural interaction of insulin. The activities can be performed anywhere.  No gym or excessive physical activities are required.

                  May I join Wellness by Science™ even if I travel?

                  • Yes! Because our Genomic-Based Plan is accessed from anywhere, as long as you have internet access, you’ll have access to all of our resources and your dedicated representative.  

                    Why shouldn’t I just try to do this on my own?

                    • Wellness by Science™ has a proactive approach. We want to provide constant direction to your success.
                      • Ensuring Success: becoming in touch with yourself may be a daunting task. The Wellness by Science™ team will be here to answer your questions, provide expert feedback on your data and progress, and make personalized recommendations that will ensure that you achieve the most efficient results.
                        • Sustainability: to make a genuine and long-lasting lifestyle change, it helps to have Wellness by Science™ and our community of clients supporting you along each step of your journey. 


                        Do I need a referral from my doctor to start Wellness by Science™?

                          No referral is required for Wellness by Science™ - just go to to start your application.


                          I know someone else who might benefit from Wellness by Science™ - how can I refer them?

                            Direct them to  where they can start their application.


                            How does the enrollment process work?

                            Wellness by Science™'s enrollment process are a few simple steps:

                            1. Initial Application: Submitting the initial application through
                            2. Paperwork: Submitting your Health History and Release of Information (ROI)
                            3. Medical Screening: Providing a current set of lab work, if available.
                            4. Doctor’s Appointment Video Call: Having your free, no-obligation video consultation with your Wellness by Science™ physician, who can answer your personal medical questions, if we deem necessary.

                            Is there a fee to apply for Wellness by Science™?

                              There is no fee to apply—the Genomic-Based Plan cost for Wellness by Science™ is not paid until after the entire enrollment process is completed and you order your kit.  For clients who are covered through their health plans, there may be no cost.


                              What if my physician or provider wants to learn more about Wellness by Science™?

                                If your physician or provider has any questions about Wellness by Science™’s approach, we can discuss this with them directly, after your consent.


                                Who would not be a good fit for Wellness by Science™?

                                  To receive a Genomic-Based Plan from Wellness by Science™, a client must:

                                  • Speak and read English
                                  • Be 18 or older
                                  • Have access and basic ability to use a smartphone, tablet, or computer
                                  • Not have any medical conditions that cannot be properly supervised through our continuous remote care model at this time. Our enrollment and medical team reviews each patient carefully, so if in doubt, please reach out to us!

                                  I don’t have a smartphone - can I still join Wellness by Science™?

                                    Wellness by Science™ is accessed through a smartphone, tablet or computer. While we recommend a smartphone for continuous access to your Genomic-Based Plan and care team, it is not necessary to have a smartphone to be successful on Wellness by Science™.


                                    Where is the Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan available?

                                      The Wellness by Science™ Genomic-Based Plan is currently in the United States and Singapore.  If you live in another country, please send a message to: we may be able to accommodate.

                                      Where is Wellness by Science™ located?

                                        Wellness by Science™’s corporate headquarters are in Singapore, but our Genomic-Based Plan is designed to be accessed digitally through the Wellness by Science™ platform, so that clients can receive their Genomic-Based Plans everywhere.  Our clients communicate with their Wellness by Science™ team via telehealth appointments and/or text message.


                                        How much does Wellness by Science™ cost? What is the price?

                                        Most of our existing clients are covered through their commercial or governmental health plans, where Wellness by Science™ is a fully-covered benefit.

                                        • If your social plan, insurance plan, or employer does not cover the cost of Wellness by Science™, we do provide an out-of-pocket option. For those paying directly, Wellness by Science™ collects a $500.00 program commencement fee and a $300.00 fee per month for the first year. The fee is then reduced to $200.00 per month for any future years. We want you to meet your goals and to come off the program as soon as the this is viable.

                                        • Additionally, we a have a payment assistance program (PAP) that helps offset some of the out of pocket costs for those that qualify.

                                        • Please see for details of what is included in the price.

                                          How does the patient assistance program (PAP) work?

                                          Based on household’s income as determined by an applicant’s tax return, a patient may be eligible for a discount off of the annual cost of Wellness by Science™’s genomic-based plan.


                                          Are you accepting additional clients for Wellness by Science™’s clinical trial?

                                            At this time, we are looking for additional participants for our trial.  Please contact  Tell us about your situation.


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